Race charter
Opportunities for individuals

When Winston is not on charter we race her to help improve her performance, tuning the rig, measuring her performance against sail and rig settings, and building knowledge that will help charter crews to perform better.

Consequently, we are able to offer individual places for those wanting to build racing skills within a team of experienced club sailors. If you would like to join a team, please enquire here.

We will also help groups of individuals to hook up for the first time and develop as a team. Groups of individuals can be of mixed gender and experience as there will be tasks on board that suit everyone. If you would like to meet a like minded group to build a new race team, please enquire here. info@winstonfirst40.com

We are considering buying a cruising yacht so my partner and I joined Winston for a mile-building and experience-gathering voyage from Devon to the Solent, making a landfall in Weymouth. We had a wonderful weekend, learnt a great deal from Winston's attentive crew, and truly caught the bug!

Nicola Burness-Smith
Director, INTO Giving